Asian Film Series III: Train to Busan (2016, dir. Yeon Sangho)


CAS will host a special screening of the latest hit from Korea for Halloween.

♣ Time: Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2016, 5:30 PM 

♣ Place: 248 MLC, UGA

♣ This event is free of charge.



Asian Film Series II: The Last Tear

CAS will host the second screening for Asian Film Series. The film chosen for this event is The Last Tear made in 2015 by Christopher H.K. Lee.


The official trailer is available at:

Date & Time: TBA
Place: TBA


About the film:

Sexual violence against women has accompanied almost every large-scale conflict, yet most of its victims are silenced. One such sad episode is that of the “comfort women,” or more accurately, the estimated 200,000 women who were recruited to sexually serve the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. As part of this immense system, many young women from all over Japan’s occupied territories in Asia were forced into service where they faced rape, torture and extreme violence at military camps, euphemistically termed “comfort stations.”

Since the early 1990s, the testimonies of these women shocked the world, and were eventually taken up as a serious human rights issue by the United Nations, a host of governments, and numerous independent NGOs. Taking a different approach, we aimed to listen to and gauge the true feelings of some of the few remaining survivors, believing that the sea of mass media and politics is largely drowning their voices out. We sought to hear their true wishes.

As part of our Fading Away documentary series, we hoped to give a voice to these women and search for a form of healing. We traveled thousands of miles to visit the historical locations and met with the some of few remaining survivors. Along the way, we became witnesses to the scars left on their bodies and souls.  Our journey brought us to Japan, Korea, China and Taipei to meet with several experts, museums and NGOs. Our team gained great insight on this controversial issue that is still widely unknown to the rest of the world.

Now into their 80s and 90s, these women are becoming weaker day by day and we believe that such traces of painful memories and tragic stories may never be healed. But by remembering them and embracing them, we will provide a step towards their ultimate closure.

Our film’s purpose is to share the emotions of the past and to connect our generations in a more personal and humanistic way. Through understanding the faults of the past, we allow them to never be erased, and prevent them from happening again.


About the director:

Christopher H.K. Lee is an award-winning filmmaker/writer/publisher and media artist. He has over 27 years of multi-cultural and diverse industry experience in the fields of architecture, interactive media, visual effects and animations as a director/producer and over ten years of lecturing experience at colleges in both South Korea and the U.S.  Mr. Lee has produced many feature and short films, including several others that raise awareness of Korean history, culture and current affairs titled “I am Grace,” “Rescued by Fate,” and “Fading Away.”



Asian Film Series I: The Land of Many Palaces

CAS launched Asian Film Series on April 1, 2015. The inaugural film chosen for this new series was The Land of Many Palaces, a documentary made in 2014 by Ting Song and Adam James Smith.

The Land of Many Palaces features China’s urbanization project in Inner Mongolia.

Co-director Adam Smith attended this event and will participate in a Q-&-A session after the screening.

The official trailer is available at:

  • Date & Time: 6:00 PM, Wednesday, April 1, 2015.
  • Place: Room 214 MLC

*This event was co-sponsored by the UGA Honors program and Comparative Literature Department. The screening was free of charge and open to the public.