Japanese Sake Lecture and Tasting

♣ Time: November 10, 2015 5:30 p.m.

♣ Place: Georgia Museum of Art


Japanese sake master Maiko Tsuji of Gozenshu Tsuji Honten Sake Brewery was visiting UGA to give a talk on Japanese sake, followed by a tasting of sake imported from her brewery.

Gozenshu Tsuji Honten Sake Company was established in 1804 to provide sake to the household of Lord Miura, daimyo of Okayama prefecture. Okayama prefecture is known for its quality rice and local spring water, which combined with the cold winter weather create an ideal location for sake brewing. Gozenshu produces pure rice sake which has a slightly dry, refreshing taste. Maiko Tsuji is the current head sake-maker (or Toji) of Gozenshu. Part of the 7th generation of this sake brewing family, Maiko was eager to visit UGA and share the 'sake culture' of Japan.